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Reshaping Mind With Education


Who Are We?

StudyAsan is devoted to perfection in teaching and learning.

We are based in Uttarakhand and have speeded up to serve our knowledge in different parts of India. We have established as an association with a unique spirit to spread knowledge with leaving no boundaries untouched. We believe our advanced efforts and techno-based education is an essential booster for a knowledgeable surrounding that can prosper in different fields. We are engaged in extending the boundaries of knowledge to enhance the qualities and skills among students of our Country. The best coaching classes for classes 9 and 10 and best coaching classes for classes 11 and 12, best coaching classes for competitive exams SSC, Bank, Railway, UPSC, UKSSC, state-level exam etc. We also provide the best Computer courses, Website Designing etc.  We provide potential teachers as affable guides who prepare our students to grab opportunities in the outside world and become the best of the best.


Our journey began from Nainital, Uttarakhand during the lockdown with a mission to provide education to every home in India, delivered by the best and highly devoted teachers. We believed that education should go beyond academics, and also include other important aspects such as art, personality development, linguistic command and career counselling. In order to achieve our goal we started offering a variety of courses, including tuition, moral value and reading classes, basic spoken English and personality development classes, hobby classes, and competitive exams preparation.

Over the years, we have grown and expanded and we are committed to connecting mentors from all over India, regardless of whether they are from villages or cities with students from diverse places to provide them with the best education and knowledge that they need to succeed in today's advanced world.

We have designed our courses to help students develop their academic skills, their personality, and their career prospects so that they can achieve what they dream of. We are still engaged in providing valuable resources for students and mentors alike and committed to making education accessible to everyone in India.


Our Mission

  • To become one of the most effective agencies in India to promote quality education. 

  • To impart social transformation through enhancing the individual skills of each student and encouraging acceptance of their guardians towards these skills.

  • Along with quality education, we aim to enhance the linguistic skills and personality of a student.

Our Vision

  • To engage with children from different and extreme areas nationwide for their overall systematic development without discrimination based on any factor.

  • Give access to all for high-quality education.

  • Assembling quality-based teachers from all over the world.

  • Ensuring guardians about the secure future of students.

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Our Pillars

StudyAsan's founders Deepak Kumar Arya and Kadimbini Gahtori have always believed that "giving brings its own rewards." They believe that teaching is more than just a job, and they have led the institution by spreading the belief that helping people through education is a unifying act. They believe that studying is an "asana" of acquiring knowledge through practice.

The founders have stepped ahead in providing quality education to students across the country. They aim to raise the bar by fulfilling their goal of making education free in India. They have embraced the challenges they faced in acquiring education themselves since childhood, and they are committed to minimizing the education gap in India.

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